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Marketing Resources

Digital marketing requires creative development, data analysis, continuous testing, outsourcing, partnering, and more. Companies and services now exist that either directly support marketing or can be repurposed to make a marketer's life easier. Below is a curated list of products that I have used. I will highlight products that I use most frequently and provide context about why I lean into (or avoid) common marketing products.


These apps typically create an archive of structured data or provide a central place to take and distribute important information

  • Airtable - think better organized, less clunky, easier to share google sheets. I use airtable for the majority of testing organization. You can also use it as a CRM. Airtable packs the power and structure of data tables into a user-friendly UI
  • Playbook - the absolute best way to share images across a team
  • Notion.so - pitched as every feature you possibly need packed into one app. Notion is really good for organizing notes. I highly recommend opting for notion over google docs
  • Slack - still the best for communication
  • Google Sheets - while most of the important organization goes into airtable, I find myself using google sheets for more admin related tasks (making lists for a contractor, etc...)

Creative Development

Conceive and produce creative that you think may work on Facebook / Instagram / TikTok.

  • Weekly Ad Inspo - we send you 5 ads each week to try in your advertising; three ads include commentary
  • Canva - basic templates that are especially helpful for those without photoshop experience
  • Unsplash - free images to use anywhere
  • Facebook's Ad Library - see ads that companies run on facebook
  • Stocksy - affordable stock images that can feel more authentic than other image sites
  • Noun Project - icons
  • Adobe Fonts - large library of fonts you can choose from to sync with photoshop

Performance Marketing

The assumption is that google analytics and proper pixels are installed on your site

  • ahrefs, Spyfu, SEMRush - see what keywords your competitors bid on, track SEO performance for yourself and competitors, research backlinks, etc...
  • Google Keyword Planner - free tool from google that shows keyword recommendations. Access it using these steps
  • Google Optimize - A/B testing and redirect testing made simple
  • Google Data Studio - the best free tool for data visualization
  • dbt - command line interface you can use with SQL