How To Create A Google Ads Page Without Using A Credit Card

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Google makes it difficult to sign-up for an ad account without adding a credit card. You may want to use some of the free tools on Google Ads before signing up for an account. If you are interested in accessing a google ads account without adding a credit card, follow the steps below.

What You Need to Sign-Up for Google ads

  • Gmail account

Get to Google Ads

  • Go to the google ads homepage.
  • On the homepage. click the 'Start Now' button.
  • You should reach a screen that prompts you to log in with a gmail account. If you are a Kellogg MBA, please use your group's gmail address for this
  • Note: if you are already logged into google on your browser, it may default to your personal google ads account. Make sure you log out of your personal ads account.

The Set-up Process

1. Select New Google Ads Account (step one may look different, but select some variation of New Google Ads Account)

2. Click 'Switch to Expert Mode' (will appear at the very bottom of the page - do not click 'Next')

3. Click 'Create an account without a campaign' (this is a link right below the table)

4. Click 'Submit'

5. Click 'Explore Your Account'

6. You should now be able to use Google Keyword's Planner and explore the interface without having added a credit card.