DMIS Resources


please review the pre-class email.
Send company / group preferences back through this form
answer a few questions before our first class

class 1. landscape of digital

reading for class 2. visit Google's intro to search and click on the Learn the value of search ads. Watch all of the videos in the playlist. There should be 6 in total. You can skip video 5 ' Get Started with Google Ads: Track your goals'.

assignment. individually create two campaigns for your company. The campaigns should include ad sets and keywords. You can see an example of microcenter here. There are 3 campaigns in the example for illustrative purposes. You only need to do 2. This assignment should be done in excel and not in google ads.

Please do this individually. You can work with your group for help with concepts, but I'm looking for each person to have their own ideas for campaigns. Do not worry about overlapping keywords with other members of your group.

In addition, take a quick look at In 30 characters or less, write a headline that will get an MBA to visit microcenter.

The lecture recording will be posted here after class.

Think about the company that you'd like to work on for Facebook advertising. Please let me know this week if you have a specific company in mind. Please also let me know if it's OK if other members from the class use their budget toward your company.

class 2. google search intro

reading for class 3. read 3Q Digital's Overview of Alpha Beta

assignment. individually create 8 campaigns using the alpha / beta technique. Your 8 campaigns should contain at least 30 different keywords. You can build off of your campaigns from last week. You can see a microcenter example here.

Pre-class set-up for class 3. Set-up your team's google ads account. Do not add a credit card. You can find the how to guide here.

class 3. structuring campaigns

reading for class 4. read How we grew our SEO to bring our site 70K+ visitors a month

assignment. in groups prepare your company's final alpha / beta structure. Use between 100-300 keywords. Please include an ad for each ad set. You can use the same descriptions for ads on all campaigns, as long as the headlines are created to best match the keywords.

overview of facebook budget. your group will be reimbursed up to $1,000. The budget will be split evenly between group members. You can spend your portion of the budget however you'd like.

goal. you will get experience launching your own digital marketing campaigns

structure. you can use your advertising budget in 1 of 3 ways:
1. Advertise for a start-up that you are currently working on (inside or outside of Kellogg)
2. Advertise on behalf of a friend's start-up (approval)
3. Advertise your own creation on

what you need. this will depend on the option that you select.

Option 1: you will be responsible for running your ads on facebook. That means you'll need to create the ads and audiences on your facebook account. Please make sure that your credit card is attached to the account, as we'll need verification of charges on your statement.

Option 2: if a classmate or friend needs help with their digital advertising, you can use your allocated budget on their account. You will need:

Option 3: various sites allow you to create products (t-shirts, hats, and more) and advertise these products on facebook. It is free to do this. However, you are responsible for the design of your product. For this option, you will need to: create a facebook page for your brand, design and launch you product on, and ad account set-up for your facebook page

exercise for class 5.
after your decide how you want to spend your advertising budget, let me know here. Set-up facebook business manager. Once completed, add or create the facebook page that you will advertise from. Finally, you can add your ad account.

class 4. seo

assignment. reminder that complete alpha / beta account is due next week

class 5. intro to facebook ads

assignment. draft ads and audiences that you plan to use for your campaigns. Send a pdf with screenshots of 2 different ad sets (showing the targeting) and 2 different ads. provide a few sentences about your choices for targeting

You can watch the lecture 5 zoom recording here. Please email me for the password.

class 6. advanced facebook

assignment. launch and manage your facebook campaigns. optimize campaigns. send recap of your performance and optimizations.

You can watch the lecture 6 zoom recording here. You can see Alex Kracov's presentation here. Please email me for the password.

class 7. other relevant channels

assignment. submit your facebook recap. begin thinking about your companies overall strategy. [optional] send an outline of your proposed recommendations

class 8. funnel optimization

Pre-class exercise for class 9. sign-up for an account on google data studio

review your company's website and identify opportunities on their site to test product changes

class 9. visualization tools

homework. prepare to present your company's digital marketing strategy.

class 10. presentations

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