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Long Form Copy on Image

How It Works. it's more common for ads to highlight one value proposition. This is generally good practice - short, concise text communicates ideas quickly and clearly. However, if your product requires a bit more of an explanation, then I'd encourage you to try longer copy on your images. Anycart does a nice job describing an overview of its benefits. This can qualify people more before they click.


Play with Perspective

Testimonials + Image Manipulation. sweet and simple tactic. Instead of putting the tweet testimonial in front of both shoes, Atoms cuts one shoe out and places it over the tweet. This plays with perspective and makes the image more interesting.


Have Fun with Your Ads

Playful Ads. Imagine the excitement when someone from asana's growth team said 'How about instead of ads about completing tasks, we try an ad about falling behind?' This small change in thinking leads to fun and engaging concepts. What is the 'completed tasks' concept that your company tries over and over again? Is there another angle?